silver-gilt and pictorial enamel cigar case, Moscow, 1886

Russian Cigar Cases

Price guide to Russian cigar cases. Some of the most prestigious cigar cases are those made in Russia by the renown maker Faberge. However, other makers also made exquisite cigar cases and many Russian makers excelled in making beautiful cloisonne cases.

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A Victorian coromandel vanity case

Vanity Box Sets

Price guide to antique vanity box sets. Vanity cases usually contained all of the items necessary for a lady or gentleman to maintain their grooming. Many of these cases were designed for travelling. A lady’s vanity box set could contain jars and bottles for powder, rouge, hat pins and many other vanity items.

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A Masonic treen rosewood boot snuff box, 19th century, decorated with stump work Masonic emblems, interior with skull and crossbones

Rosewood Snuff Boxes

Price guide to antique rosewood snuff boxes. 

All genuine rosewoods belong to the genus Dalbergia. The preeminent rosewood appreciated in the Western world is the wood of Dalbergia nigra. It is best known as Brazilian rosewood, but also as Bahia rosewood. This wood has a strong sweet smell, which persists for many years, explaining the name rosewood.

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